We hung onto every nervewracking pitch since Monday, so we were elated and ecstatic and giddy when the game ended with the Tigers decisively on top.

Geaux, Tigers!  QCSWMPZGBUBLTVS.20090606135138-1

And, of course, as an LSU System employee,  I revel in the purple and gold  win.

I feel a little extra pride in the national championship now that Ann’s officially a Tiger, too.  Driving through campus last week on the way to her apartment reinforced that feeling as we drove by fabled Tiger Stadium on the left and the Alex Box Stadium on the right.  LSU is an enchanting campus, so much of the lore associated with sports, and Ann’s so excited to be part of that scene.

So what’s wrong with that?

“Nothing!” I declare.  In a depressed state that ranks close to last in everything from education to economic vitality, LSU championship sports means more to Louisiana than just about anything else.

So I’m proud . . . to be an LSU System employee, an LSU parent, a national champion supporter.

For all that’s wrong with Louisiana, LSU is right!!