The following is a product of one of the exercises Poet Laureate Dr. Bourque conducted last Wednesday in the workshop at his home near Church Point.  He asked us to sketch the kitchen of our childhood home and added some additional details with the prompt.  I whittled away at the results and came up with this true story from the olden days.

Memoir from the Parsonage
Recalled from New Zion Church, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, Cerca 1956
July 2009

From childhood, a wilderness of memories, 50 years old:

Sing a summer song.
On the kitchen counter
Beside the ice box
A brown paper bag.
Red apples.  Yellow bananas.  Orange oranges.
Temptation gleams in preschoolers’ eyes.

Snatch the bag,
Out the screen door, down the steps,
Crouch beneath the window:
Big brother and little sis
Like little Adam and Eve
One by one, test the taste.
A test of this, a taste of that,
Bite by bite,
A bag of semi-eaten fruit.

“Which one do you like?”

“I like this one.”

“I like that one.”

“Here. Try this.”

“That’s good!”

“Shhhhhhh! Listen”

The screen door creaks.  Around the corner,


Break a switch from the Bridal Wreath.
Teach little ones
To taste not, want not.
Sing a summer song.