I kept a journal in 2005, before blogging.  The following entry from August 14 of that year deserves wider publication than the obscure, unpublished journal,  for the incident narrated practically defies belief.  But the incident had a room full of witnesses, and from reliable eye-wtiness testimony,  I typed out this summation.  So here it is, astonishing but true, and it happened in Sunday School on August 14, 2005!

Sarah and the ladies in her Sunday School class witnessed a memorable phenomenon this morning.  They meet in a ground level classroom in the education building with a full-window view of the alley and the backs of some  houses across the alley.  As they sat in class, as Sarah relates it, they watched a fellow, 30ish, come out the back door of a back yard apartment behind one of the houses.  He was an unattractive bloke to begin with, but topless and sporting a fleshy rice-n-gravy gut, he looked particularly disgusting, according to Sarah and the other ladies.  But that wasn’t all–As Guthe talked distractedly on a  cell phone he held to his ear with one hand, he walked to the end of his driveway, casually hooked the  thumb of his other hand in the elastic waist band of his pajama pants, yanked the pants down around his hips so as to expose . . . er, well, you can imagine what—threw back his shoulders, and relieved himself on the ground in full frontal view of the ladies  Sunday School glass less than 20 feet away.

Apparently, he never noticed or considered that he may have an audience.  Or did he?  The ladies couldn”t believe it–absolutely flabbergasting.

Just goes to show you never know what you’ll see at church!  If such happened more often, perhaps more people would attend Sunday School. [And then again, maybe not?]