I came across a relic from former years as I surfed YouTube earlier this evening, searching among the Cajun pieces that have been posted there over the years.  I found a video recording of an old-timey Cajun nonsense tune, which I originally recall as sung by the legendary Nathan Abshire by the title “La Valse de Holly Beach.”

This Andrew Carrierre, who performs the present version,  is an artist I’ve never heard of, but he plays and sings “dans le vieux facon” (old-timey).  The lyrics to the song, roughly translated, go like this:

Verse 1

The mosquitoes ate up my sweetheart, leaving only her big toes, for me to use for bottle stoppers.

Verse 2

Your father looks like an automobile, your mother looks like an elephant, your little brother looks like a bullfrog, and your little sister looks like the corner of the sidewalk.

I never have got the connection between verses one and two in the song, if indeed there is one.  It’s pretty funny.