As a runner over the years, I’m proud to have jogged along the Mississippi at both Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  The River at both venues is spectacular, considering the muddy width and rippling current that eddies and boils along.

River at Memphis

River at Memphis

Today I got to jog along the River at Memphis.  The scenery is just as breath-taking as along the lower stretches in Louisiana, which is all the more remarkable in that that the flow seems as deep and wide this far inland as it seems farther south nearer its end. 

What’s different in Memphis, compared to Baton Rouge and New Orleans, is the absence of levees.  The tall bluffs rising above the flood make the River more distant, less intimate, than the levee-bound shoreline in Louisiana inhere the River laps just feet below the jogger’s course.   

Both perspectives have their merits.   I can’t say the River is any less impressive at Mud Island in Memphis than it is at Algiers Point in New Orleans.   The perspective is  just a little higher here, a little lower there. 

What’s sure, whether Memphis’ bluffs or Baton Rouge’s levees,   is that “Old Man River keeps rolling along.”