Yes, Payton wears6760_1227412364109_1193043872_30660485_8096791_n magical shoes!

The magical shoes enable her to go hours upon hours without changing diapers, and even when she does make poopy-diapers, the fragrance is sweet!

And when she wants (rather than needs) something from her Honey and Papa, all she has to do is put on the magical shoes: Payton’s wish is Honey’s and Papa’s desire!

And the shoes ward off would-be courtiers.  Without the shoes, the darling little priss would be beset by horrible boys seeking to woo her fancy, but with the shoes, she can kick their behinds to kingdom-come!

(Better her to kick those old boys than her Daddy!  [or her Papa!])

And best of all, Payton can run fast to Papa and Honey with her magical shoes if her Mama and Daddy are too mean or strict with her.

Yes, Payton Eliza”buff” has magical shoes!