How many years did we go to watch our kids play ball games?  Baseball, football, softball, track . . . For  20 or more years, watching the kids play sports was a  family routine.

Ann waits on the next pitch in her last game Sunday afternoon

Ann Class of '07 waits on the next pitch in her last game Sunday afternoon.

So one of the pleasures of the “empty nest” is the annual Eunice High alumni co-ed softball tournament–a school fundraiser where the respective graduating classes going all the way back to the ’60’s organize alumni teams and come home for a weekend-long tournament that’s become a significant event, both in terms of participation and fundraising.  Both of our kids came back this year, like last year, and played the games.  We enjoyed watching them as much now than we did back in the day of their childhoods.

I got a kick this afternoon during Ann’s game when, after a successful at bat in which she swatted a solid liner to center field for a hit, a guy behind me said something like, “Hey, that girl can hit!” as if he were surprised.  I turned to him beaming and exclaimed, “Yeah, she was all-district for two years!”    Payton ballpark queen

“Oh, she’s yours?” he asked, happy I suppose that he had said something positive rather than negative.  Anyway, I happily claimed my daughter, and he politely asked questions about her and her softball career from time to time throughout the rest of the game.

Of course, in addition to watching Zach play with the ’00 team, we also got to visit with his little Payton and Payton’s mom.  I like this photo of Payton from Saturday afternoon because her sunglasses reflect the images of the tournment on the field.

I’m sure we’ll do this again next year, Lord willing, as the parents’ generation hangs on for  dear life to all the memories they can, even making new memories.

As long as we can make new memories, perhaps we can avoid old age!