I knew the Gustav saga took place about a year ago when my daughter-in-law reminded us this evening that she and baby Payton spent the weekend a year ago with a friend’s family in Arkansas to keep the baby from having to endure those days of likely privation after the storm with no electricity, etc etc.  (And those days indeed materialized.)hurricane-evac

Reading my blog entries from that period last year are interesting.  The entry from this date one year ago features this photo of a hurricane evacuation marker I shot with my phone camera in Ville Platte, Louisiana, on the thru-route Highway 167.  I was in Ville Platte on that date last year tending to administrative matters at the local high school and stopped for gas on the way home.  We pretty much saw the writing on the wall then that Gustav was setting his sites on our part of the world.  I recall how tense and keyed up I felt pumping gas that day as I struggled to concentrate on work  with the distraction of the storm weighing so heavily.

This weekend, I’ll enjoy reading those day-to-day remembrances from last year, knowing the forecast for the next few days this year calls for a frontal passage over the weekend.  Glory, glory!  (Hurricanes run opposite directions from fronts.).