A little over a year ago, I blogged “cookin on the chemenia.” Unfortunately, that clay chemenia in the former post gave up the ghost when the roofers came earlier this monthCast iron chemenia and threw something from the roof to the ground that struck the old chemenia and exacerbated a crack that had begun to grow since earlier in the year.  I had to discard it.

Always game for something new, and hoping for  a  more durable product, I searched online and found this cast iron chemenia on sale at Lowe’s.  We picked one up this afternoon in Lafayette.  We got home too late to cook supper, but at least it’s assembled and ready for action.  I’m curious to see if it will work as well as its clay cousin.

I do like the open fire box.  The glowing embers will be pretty, I’m sure.  But the jury’s still out on whether it will charbroil as well as the old one.