I’d rather forget.  Here’s what I posted on this date four years ago:

August 31

I wish I had the email I sent to family a while ago. But without wireless access in the household, and separated from the e Mac by circumstances owing to Katrina, I’ll just have to carry on. Good news. Grandma is found in north Louisiana’ No less than 30 minutes from Uncle Fred and Aunt Marion!  Tell me God isn’t at work in this. Hmph!  The beat goes on here. Uncle Nathan has the debas with his VA supplied pain med. He went to Alex today but they wouldn’t help him. So tomorrow he strikes out for Houston with Mama.  Since the VA facility in N.0 is being evacuated, who knows what hind of zoo is going on there. I hate to see Mama go with him . . She still babies him some. It could turn into a stressful ordeal.

Zach continues to work with the refugees at church. No prospect for most of them getting home for maybe months. They’re starting to enroll their kids in local schools.  We don’t know when those folks will be moved to a more permanent facility.  Meanwhile, they’re the blessed ones, esp. compared to the horrifying circumstances going on in the City.