Honey picked up granddaughter Payton at her mom’s and dad’s this morning and brought the little doll to Eunice to spend the day with the grandfolks, arriving at home before I had to leave for work.  While Payton was munching her baby-breakfast in the high chair, Honey (Sarah) discovered she (Sarah) had a dentist’s appointment at 8:30.Payton and the fountain

Yikes!  Cancel the appointment?  What to do with Payton?

Papa calmly intervened: “Bring her to me at the office (at LSU Eunice).  She’ll be fine!”

So Honey delivered Payton to the Continuing Education Office right before 8:30, and Papa took over.  Payton and Papa visited the water fountain (a Payton favorite), the Acadian Center, Manuel Hall, and all points between outdoors.  As long as Papa kept the little squirt moving, she was delighted.

The fountain outside the Acadian Center is a Payton favorite.  She also liked the clock tower that chimed the half hour, although the sounding chimes scared her a little.

Papa was delighted with the experience.  Everyone he passed on campus adored the little girl.

Conclusion: Paytonsitting is better than work!