LSU iconsNo matter what angle you visit LSU, the shadow of Tiger Stadium falls across your view.  It’s kind of magical, in a sense.  I got this shot today of the Memorial Tower with the Stadium in the background as I walked from Pleasant Hall (site of Ann’s student worker job) to the Student Center.  I was on campus for LSU Eunice business.

I remember my first visit to LSU during my senior high school year for some event I can’t recall.  I fell in love with the campus then–I felt like I “belonged” there somehow.  For whatever reason God obviously intended, I took my undergrad degree elsewhere, but every time I go to LSU now, and especially since Ann’s settled in there, I have those same “belonging” sensations I had almost 40 (Yikes!) years ago.

For the time being, I am confident that I belong at the LSU campus at Eunice, but down the road, who knows what God has prepared!  Hopefully, I will know when that time comes.

Meanwhile, “Geaux, Tigers!”  (Big season opener Saturday in Seattle!).