fried oysters redbeansriceFamily birthdays are fun because we have an excuse to go out and eat.  Today for Sarah, on the occasion of her 52nd, we visited The Chimes just off LSU campus on Highland Road.

How utterly Louisianian: fried oysters and red beans and rice!  A fascinating combo for lunch!

Most Gulf Cost seafood restaurants pair fried seafood with French fries or baked potatoes.  The Chimes is the first place I’ve been where the red beans and rice is an option in lieu of the potatoes.  Pretty good idea, if you ask me.

We recall Rocky and Carlo’s combination of fried oysters with macaroni and cheese in Chalmette.  That’s the Italian influence, perhaps.   But oysters with red beans and rice: How Louisianian can you get?

And trust me, it was good!  I recommend fried oysters with red beans and rice at The Chimes to all my readers.Papa's girls

And of course, here’s to Sarah and Ann, my guests for this Saturday feast, and especially Sarah, who celebrated another year upon the face of the earth today.