Tulane Stadium, the original Sugar Bowl, built on a former sugar plantation from the 18th century: ergo, "Sugar Bowl"

As much of a New Orleans Saints fan as I have been for over forty years, I have only been to one game.  That happened in December 1968 when the Chicago Bears came to town.  Somehow a buddy of mine and me got tickets.  I don’t recall at all how it happened, but miracle of miracles, Mama and Daddy agreed to let me skip Sunday church to see a Saints game, unchaperoned, with my pal.  We were high school juniors at the time.

The day was quite an adventure.  My friend’s Dad drove us across the Causeway (from Covington) and deposited us somewhere near Carrollton at St. Charles Avenue.  We rode the street car the rest of the way to Tulane University, deborded, and walked through the campus to the old Sugar Bowl Stadium.

I really don’t recall the details of the game, except Dick Butkus played middle linebacker for the Bears and Danny Abramowicz

Saints receiver Danny Abramowicz--the Marques Colston of a former era.

Saints receiver Danny Abramowicz--the Marques Colston of a former era.

made some nifty catches of Billy Kilmer’s wobbly passes and the Saints lost (par for the course in those early days).  But it was a close game (Bears 24, Saints 20), and it was the only pro game I’ve seen in person.

I don’t recall at all how we got home, but his or my folks managed that, too.  It was simply an exhilarating day for a teen-aged kid who loved his Saints, win or lose.

And they’re still his team, win or lose, but with all that artillery they have this year, there better be a lot more winning than losing!