I checked my 2005 journal and here’s what I wrote on this day four years ago:

“Here’s what I wrote in the last email posting as we watch Cat. 5 Rita roll through the Gulf of Mexico, as Aunt Becky and her gang are gearing up to evacuate:

We’ll sure be remembering y’all.  I hope Terry knows some snazzy county roads and highways so y’all can scoot on up the country.  That maneuver Mama and Daddy did coming over from Covington here via Natchez, MS, was a pretty smart move, actually–folks I knew who traveled due west on the main roads at about the same time that day before Katrina took as long or longer to get here as the folks’ detour, and the folks were spared the exasperation of the bumper-to-bumper traffic and the lines at the filling stations.

Sarah’s got folks down around Galveston–several cousins and an aunt and uncle in LaMarque (across the bridge from Galveston).  Her uncle in LaMarque is on nightly home-treatment dialysis and gets around very painstakingly–just another example of how cruel Mother Nature is, picking on the elderly and the vulnerable.   We have no idea what they’re going to do to take care of his special needs.

Welll, if preparation will save the day, sounds like you’ve got the West Columbia gang ready to roll.  We just hope blessing comes miraculously out of this ordeal.

“I wrote that post when Rita seemed bound further south.  What will we tell our grandchildren about these timesWhat else can I add?  Like I told Sarah a while ago, I’m relieved we’re not looking down the barrel at this thing over here (at the moment, anyway!), but I’m sick knowing that our loved ones over there are facing potential disaster.   These are soul-numbing days.”

Soul-numbing days.  Yes, such was 2005.