The tech department at work finally had a change of heart about Apple products, so about a month ago I got to trade in the abominable Blackjack I used for the past two years for the latest iPhone 3g.product-hero-3g-s

I shouldn’t call the Blackjack abominable–when I first got it, I thought it was pretty cool.  But when I use the iPhone now and recall the Blackjack, I think of the Dixie cups on strings we used to play “phones” with when we were kids.

Of course, it’s not really the phone feature of the iPhone that’s striking.  A phone is a phone is a phone.  The coolest thing about the iPhone is that it’s so much more than a phone.  The Blackjack did other stuff, too, I admit.  I could even take video clips with the Blackjack (the iPhone just takes static shots).  But the Blackjack gets a D- for web navigation while the iPhone gets an A+.

The touch keypad on the iPhone is another point of comparison to the Blackjack’s push-button keypad.  Although the iPhone keypad takes a little getting-used-to, it’s truly digital in comparison to the Blackjack’s truly push-button.  Sure, you use fingers to push buttons the same as you use fingers to touch the screen on the iPhone, but the touch screen elevates “digital” to a higher meaning.  This is 2009, after all!

The best feature of the iPhone has to be its “Internetability.”  My old phone went online, but it moved slow and clunky.  The iPhone, in comparison, surfs  gracefully.  It seeks out and joins (with my permission, of course) wi-fi networks or uses, with equal alacrity it seems, whatever 3g network it finds within range.

So I’m sold on the iPhone.  How did I manage before?

Ah, the marvels of technology!