As a New Orleans Saints fan since the beginning in 1967, I believe I’m qualified to comment on Saints quarterbacks over the years.  We’ve had some good ones (Bobby Hebert), some who could have been great had the supporting cast around them be4180C04F48324C7D93AC330A681BBFBEen equal to the task (Archie Manning), some disappointing ones (Aaron Brooks), and a herd of mediocre ones (beginning with Billy Kilmer and extending through the ages).

But Drew Brees is THE bomb.

Here’s an example of why I like Drew the most.  I just finished watching the Denver Broncos lose to the Steelers on Monday night football.  The Broncos quarterback, Kyle Orton (whose resemblance reminds me forever of the pass-pitching character Uncle Rico from the Napoleon Dynamite movie), has earned quite a reputation this year for “managing” his team’s conservative offense.  What that means, to me, is that as along as life is rosey, Orton’s low octane passing attack will keep the Broncos upright and afloat.

What happens to “Uncle Rico” as QB when adversity strikes, however?  The team falls behind, needs some quick strikes, but the quarterback is only styled to “manage” the game.

I’ll tell you what happens, based on what the Steelers did tonight: The quarterback-as-manager’s team goes down!  How dare Denver believe they’re going to succeed deep into the playoffs, much less the big dance, with a quarterback who can only “manage” the game as long as his team’s in the lead!

On the other hand, Drew Brees provides the answer for the Saints.  He not only manages the game, but he can dictate the game.  If his team falls behind a score or two, he’s the guy–not Kyle Orton or the like–who I want on my sideline.