Son Zach and I went to the LSU game Saturday night.  Before game, we went by the WWL radio tent to see if the pre-game broadcast was still on, but it was over.  Commentator Bobby Hebert (former Saints great) was on alone under the tent with some other autograph seekers, so I determined to make my way in to meet my favorite ex-Saints quarterback and current Saints commentator.

Knowing Bobby is a Cajun from South Lafourche, I greeted him in French: “Comment les affaires?”


Bobby Hebert, the Fan Pleaser

He grinned big as the moon.  In the classic Hebert Lou’siana Cajun accent, he asked, “Where you from?”

“Eu-neece,” I answered.

“Oh, you’re Prairie Cajuns,” he replied.

To which I answered, “Absolument.”

I know from listening to Bobby over the years that, in spite of his Cajun heritage, he’s not particularly fluent in French (the irony: I’m not Cajun, but I can talk French!)  But anyway, he was loquacious and eager to converse.

Once Zach explained he (Zach) was a coach at Crowley High School, Bobby immediately remembered a 1971 LHSAA playoff

championship between Crowley High and Bobby’s South Lafourche when Bobby was in the sixth grade.   Bobby named the South Lafourche quarterback who ran a 9.6 100 yards–I can’t remember the name, but Bobby did–He told us what a fast
“white guy” this South Lafourche player was.

All to say that Bobby Hebert is OK by me.  I liked his character greatly as Saints QB back in the day, and he talked to Zach and me like a regular fan.  Vive Bobby Hebert!