We ushered in the season with two Thanksgiving family celebrations, one last night with my sister and her gang at my niece’s house across town and tonight at son Zach’s with our little daughter-in-law, her folks from Houston, and of course

Coffee tastes better this season in a holiday mug.

little grandaugther Payton “Elizabuff.”   We acknowledged on both occasions how much gratitude we owe,  beginning with generous thanksgiving to our gracious God who somehow pours out all of this goodness on us and for us.
We also completed three traditional family routines yesterday evening and today.

1.  After Ann came home from Baton Rouge for the holiday, she and her mom switched out all the day-to-day cups and glasses and china for the holiday sets that we use every year from Thanksgiving through New Years.


2.  Since a cold front had blown some Arctic air far enough south to cool down the house, I made the first fire of the season in the fire place.

3.  After we got home this afternoon, Ann and Sarah finished decorating the tree.

I’ll finish the ritual preparations tomorrow by hanging the outside lights.  We’re ready for the season.  Bring it on, Santa!

Aromatic pecan hardwood blazes in the hearth