So much for the pre-holiday planning for how I would spend this Saturday after Thanksgiving.

I left in the morning not long after sunrise, bound for the folks’ place in Covington.  Usually one is happy to travel to parents’ home during the holidays, but today’s trip was born of unhappy circumstances.

Not long after I left, driving along Hwy 190 through Acadiana, I heard the report on the New Orleans radio:

“State police continue to investigate a fatal crash that occurred on the North Shore yesterday afternoon.”

Before the announcer finished details of the report, I reaffirmed in my thoughts the reason for this journey.  Hearing the news report of my own brother’s death broadcast to the airwaves was strange.

The announcer didn’t name him, but the details were unmistakable:  a 1997 Ford minivan, drifted across the center lane, alcohol suspected, etc.

So I did what I had to do, not what I wanted to do.  It was the long journey of a bad day.