THe view from the front porch Friday night, December 3, as graceful snow fell from the heavens!

I can’t believe I let last Friday night’s snow event get by without blogging it.  I mean, two years in a row we had measurable snowfall events in December, this year’s episode breaking last year’s episode for the earliest on record in these parts.   And before 2008, the last memory any of us have of measurable snow was about 20 years ago.  Makes a body scratch his head about  global warming: Is it, or ain’t it?

Anyway, I posted a Facebook status update Friday night with this picture, adding some corny line about the “gently falling snow.”  I know to folks from snowy regions, “gently falling snow” is a cliche, but the silence and grace of falling snow is such a remarkable sensory image that the description is irresistible, particularly for deep-fried, Deep South, Gulf Coast southerners.

The coverage didn’t last long since the temperature rose to the upper 40’s Saturday, but even Sunday morning on the lee sides of the rooftops and in open areas not exposed to the sun, Friday night’s  memory persisted with patches of white that didn’t completely disappear until Sunday.

How about a repeat along about December 24?  That would really be on for the record.

Geaux, sneaux!