Sarah in the check-out line. Isn't this romantic?

I despise the short days this time of year.  At 6:00 p.m., full darkness descends.   The raw cold weather, like today, just magnifies the dreariness and the interminable length of the evenings.   I am tormented by the memory of summer  when we stayed out until 8:00 or 9:00 almost every evening, jogging or bike riding or lawn working.  Winter’s alter ego doesn’t rest well with active us.

Ordinarily, I avoid shopping errands, except here lately these past few weeks as I’ve struggled to get used to the short days, I’ve found an after-dinner trip to Winn Dixie or WalMart is entertaining.  After all, what’s the alternative?  Plop like a couch potato and watch Vanna flip letters on Wheel of Fortune?  No, I can do better than that.  The trip to Winn Dixie keeps me moving, working off the after-dinner fullness, and also moves the clock a little later in the evening so the night doesn’t seem as long.

Hanging out with Sarah’s cool, too.  If we stayed home, we’d be in separate rooms watching different shows or doing different things.  In these empty nest era of our lives, the company of one another is more important than when we had the kids demanding all the attention.  (No offense, Zach and Ann.)

Maybe tomorrow night we’ll go to WalMart and check out the men’s underwear sale.  I do need to update my wardrobe in that regard.  (Whether you wanted to know that or not, now you do–That’s what you get for reading this blog.)