Mama  outdid herself today.

(But isn’t that what Mama’s do?)

The family tarries at the table after lunch: A good time was had by all.

A few months after her 84th birthday, she declined the opportunity for a Picadilly “Leave the cooking/dishwashing/housekeeping to us” event in favor of hosting one of her trademark family meals. Today’s menu was a soup ‘n sandwich smorgasboard featuring two species of soup, including Mama’s celebrated potato soup.

The gathering was hardly comprehensive as reunions go, but a couple of cousins we don’t see often enough were there, along with Aunt Marion and all of my little gang .

We made the journey a day trip, almost 12 hours and 300 miles from start to finish, all told.

A tiring day?  Yes.

A rewarding day?  Yes, too.

Thanks, Jesus, for an occasion to celebrate!