Sadie and Marley enjoy the holidays as much as we.  Cozy living room fires, the family comings and goings, and abundant occasions for food and feast enliven the canine routines about as much as our own.

Marley (left) and Sadie (right) beg admittance to the family Christmas Eve party

So this pose from Christmas Eve is familiar.  On the occasion of this photo, we just arrived from the service at church to begin our family gathering.   The dogs plainly perceived the kitchen sounds of crinkling foil, the opening and closing of the refrigerator door, and the jangling of silverware and pot lids as Sarah uncovered dishes and spread the table.   Ever vigilant, especially when an opportunity to advance their well-being is at hand, our furry buddies clamored at the door with insistent body language demanding, “Let us in!”

Poor babies, their persistence backfired on this occasion.  We ignored their antics as long as we could, but their clamoring and jumping and scratching on the window became such a nuisance that we granted their admittance on our terms, not theirs: We dragged the poor babies by their collars to  kennel captivity in the darkened spare bedroom until the party ended.

They gave us no further trouble, and they did get to come out during the party cleanup in time to lick the cheese dip off a paper plate or two.  Bless their  puppy hearts and their innocent, trusting natures, they were happy enough with those spare morsels of kindness.