Landscapes are poems.   Even the flat-but-hardly-featureless plain of the South Louisiana Cajun Prairie resounds with poetic grace.  That grace alters from season to season.

I found this winter view across the street from campus (we’re on the edge of town).  The brown grass, the leaveless trees, the cows eating hay: all indications of the dead of winter in our Gulf Coast region.

Since we’re in the midst of an unusually cold snap, the best improvement I could imagine for this greenless scene would be two or three inches  of white  snow.  The weatherman’s not cooperating, though: He says we’ll get  unusually frigid temperatures this weekend (teens for lows) but not much hope for precip.  Just frigid air, brown grass, blue sky: the Cajun dead of winter.

Anyway, I’ve known country roads: Quaint, country roads traversing the plains of South Louisiana.  Vive la Louisiane!