A statue on the east lawn of Independence Hall in Philadelphia, identified as "The Signer"

I resolved since November when I was in Philadelphia to blog this pic of a statue on the grounds of Indpendence Hall called The Signer. I never got around to putting up the pic, and even though I have no profound comments to attach to this posting, I have nothing else to write about on this Sunday night, so why not?

Curious, the dude in the statue appears to be a southpaw (i.e., left-handed).

I wish my brief visit to Independence Hall conjured up richer memories than it does.  After all, Franklin and Jefferson and all those other famous Colonial dudes traversed these grounds.   But what I’ll never forget from this visit was that Philly cop who accosted me while I was taking these pictures (wearing my N.O. Saints cap) to let me know that “We [the Saints] cheated” in the Saints’ early season win against the Eagles.  (That was his opinion, of course–at risk to my personal security in a hostile foreign land, I assured him the game was a fair contest.)

So much for patriotic “higher and nobler” thoughts.