Drew Brees (9) and Reggie Bush (25) gave Saints fans a charge today.

The solace of football, especially when my team wins.

Like the Saints did this afternoon in a game I was frankly worried about.  I saw the Cards blast the Packers last weekend, so I suspected our defense might have all they could handle.  I did my best all day long to avoid thinking about the 3:30 game just to avoid the stress.

In the end, though, the Saints did just about everything right.  Our guys made it look easy in the end, making me wonder why I ever worried.  I was gratified, watching them (and us, the fans) get our swagger back for the championship game next week.

Today’s game  came at the end of a trialsome week: the first week of the new year without nightly football!  The week after New Years, the return to work after the holidays was rendered tolerable  by the nightly bowl games leading up to the NCAA championship–a diversion to look forward to at the end of a dreary day in the office.  This past football-less week, in addition to being sick for two or three days in the middle of the period, I found myself riveted from night to night to the earthquake coverage from Haiti.


So football’s return today provided a soothing balm for the earthquake-sick soul.  And since we won, football lives: Peace and love in the “Who Dat?” Nation!