Why did I start blogging in 2006, and why do I continue today? I think of the same three reasons one becomes a teacher: to be a sadist, to be a masochist, or to be an exhibitionist. And part of me responds to all three!

Sadist: Occasionally, I inflict mediocre and/or random, unfocused writing, including a poem here and there that might be described as uneven at best, on a reading audience. I’m sure more than one reader, at one time or another, has winced “Ouch!” at some less-than-well-turned phrase or clumsy metaphor.

Masochist: The discipline and the investment of time required to maintain the blog at times requires an imposed attitude of servitude. If I haven’t updated the site in three or four days, at times guilt rather than inspired invention drives me to the keyboard: such writing is painfully wrought! (And that’s some of the writing that contributes to the sadistic impulse noted above).

Exhibitionist: This is the main one. The other two categories capture me at my rhetorical worst, but for the most part, I’m a linguistic show-off. I enjoy logging on and checking my WordPress dashboard to see how many hits my blog gets from day to day (all time daily record: 284), which posts get the most traffic, and who has taken time to post comments in response.