but nice while it lasted.  When I got up about 7, the snow was falling  moderately.

The neighborhood from the front yard shows the ground was just beginning to cover well when the snow stopped. Shucks.

The rooftops were covered solid and the open grassy areas particularly were almost pure white.

But then the system glided off to the east, the temperature began to slowly rise, and just about as soon as the promise of winter wonderland materialized, so it melted away.  By mid-morning, all that was left was standing water and dreary mud.

The video quality below doesn’t show how heavily the snow was falling at the time, but Sadie and Marley the Dogs did seem to enjoy the change of scenery as they went about their first-of-the-morning business.

Hey, this is twice in one winter season that we’ve had snow–That’s been many and many a year ago since we witnessed two events!