I can’t stop writing about the Super Bowl.  Sorry.

A friend sent an email last week stating “Payton Manning dreamed from the time he was a kid of throwing the winning touchdown in the Super Bowl.  On February 7, his dream came true!”

That caption was accompanied by this photo showing Payton on his duff after being unceremoniously removed from the play by Saints defensive end Will Smith, blocking for the streaking Tracey Porter.  Porter was bound for the end zone with the coup de grace play of the game while Payton looked on from the turf.  I wonder what was going on in Payton’s mind at that point.

The only view I saw of Payton after the game on TV appeared to represent him as striding with dogged determination to get off the field–nothing like the week before when poor old beat-up Brett Favre, who could hardly walk after throwing his game-changing INT to Porter, hung around to embrace Saints Coach and Drew Brees.  Kurt Warner of the Cardinals had shown similar sportsmanship the preceding playoff game.  No doubt Brett and Kurt didn’t feel like small talk, but they were pretty classy, anyway.  I wish I’d have seen a similar gesture from Payton, a guy who’s always been admired by Saints fans.  What a pity we had to line up on opposing sidelines!

We had a family gathering today at my sister’s in Bogalusa.  In keeping with the spirit of the  season, the decor was black and gold: We’re having quite the good time milking this Super Bowl championship.