I posted this piece three years ago almost to the date.  When it’s time to freshen the blog and no new inventions are evident, I raid

The Tchefuncte River Lighthouse at Lake Pontchartrain: near Madisonville, La.

the archives!

Years ago (more years than I care to recall? Like, 30 or more? Yikes!), I remember listening to the Florida Boys quartet singing “The Lighthouse” on their syndicated Southern gospel singing show Gospel Jubilee. The show came on every Sunday morning, and we’d listen/watch as we got ready for Sunday school and church. That was truly one of those Deep South, Bible belt cultural routines that we “did” in those days.

One of the Florida Boys’ signature quartet-style numbers was a song called “The Lighthouse.” The tenor solo would lead into the refrain at the end of each verse with the lyrics, “If it wasn’t for the lighthouse,” And as he paused after singing “lighthouse,” the bass boomed the interjection “Tell me,” followed by the full quartet joining in the full crescendo complement, “Where would this ship be?”

How did I get off on this subject? I was rummaging through Mypictures on the PC at work, looking for a posting idea, and I came across the photo above of the Madisonville Tchefuncte River lighthouse, a landmark that goes all the way back through my years of remembering. We fished many times for croakers and speckled trout in the shadow of that lighthouse. I thought it was a cool reminiscence, so I decided it was worth blogging. I even found an interesting link at LighthouseFriends.com online with a piece about the history of the Tchefuncte River Lighthouse.

So much for nostalgia–From the shores of Lake Pontchartain to the strains of the Happy Goodmans whose rendition I found on YouTube: just that much more from past memories.