Lately, we’ve started a tradition of bringing Payton to campus at LSU Eunice for lunch on those days she comes to spend with Honey.  That way, poor old Papa (who has

Payton Elizabuff insists on seeing the picture that Honey can't take because Payton won't stay in front of the camera long enough.

to work while the girls play) gets in on at least some of the fun.

Lately, taking pix or videos of Payton has become complicated, because as soon as the little squirt-flirt sees the iphone aimed at her, she exlaims, “Me see!  Me see!”  And she runs to me or Honey, or whoever is trying to take the pix, and insists that she we show her the view on the screen.  Of course, she doesn’t understand that her actions are defeating our purpose and that we can’t take any meaningful pictures of her as long as she’s on that “wrong” side of the camera.

As a measure of fighting fire with fire, when Payton pulled this stunt on Honey yesterday, I was armed and ready with my own camera.  While Payton executed “Me see!” with Honey, I got this adorable still shot of my girls.  Honey didn’t get the picture that she wanted, but Papa did!