Here’s the second set of that 1997 blank verse composition, rendered for Easter music.


“Oh how marvelous, Oh how wonderful!”

How many of us know those words by heart?

“By heart,”

"He took my sin and my sorrow, He made them His very own."

did I say?  Yes, that’s the right theme

For Sunday morning church.  But do we not,

At times, lost in daily races with rats

And jobs and kids and work and play, forget

To feel our hearts? To sense the spirit pulse?

And how are we moved this Easter morning?

Does Calv’ry’s luminescent truth outshine

The brightest pastel shades of Easter dress?

Rather should arrows of dire conviction

Strike fast in our dull, dispassionate hearts,

Yet even those hardly as rusted spikes,

Formed more for us and our unworthiness,

So cruelly pierced the Saviour’s hands and feet

That grim day on lonely Golgotha’s crest.

The sanguine flow melting into the sand

There at the foot of the old rugged cross

Spelled “paid in full,” by the blood that was  shed–

Love’s truth indelible, written in red.