Do you remember the centurion,

The pagan Gentile saw the truth others missed.

The Roman soldier standing guard that day?

He stood watch there– an objective witness,

One no doubt accustomed to bloody work,

Who left his tent that day to do his job.

He was there when they crucified Jesus;

He was there when they nailed him to the cross;

And he was there even as Jesus died.

But when the earth trembled and the rocks split,

This Roman soldier from a foreign land,

Who had come to Calv’ry without design

Of discovering eternal truth there,

Was quickly fronted with frank evidence

That Jesus was no ordinary man.

And this strong soldier, seized by the terror

That works in all men when they come to terms

With their own helpless immortality,

Cried out, “Surely he was the Son of God.”

Two thousand years through the canyons of time,

His proclamation reverberates still:

He was there–he saw the truth on that hill.