My latest mowing machine, poised for her maiden voyage Tuesday.

I’ve reasoned for years that walk-behind push mowers are not only good for the environment, they’re good for fitness.  The extra “oomph” to propell the machine over the hill amounts to heightened heart rate and increased calorie consumption.

But when does one draw the line and say, “Hey, I’ve consumed enough calories.  How about some wear and tear on these middle-aged bones?”

I drew that line Tuesday when I bought a flashy red Snapper self-propelled walk-behind mower.   My conscience is at ease because I’m walking, and my bones are appeased because the machine propels itself.

How’s that for the best of all mid-life possibilities?

I put the new machine through her paces Tuesday afternoon and all was well.

A mowing machine?  Yes, she moweth well, and she pulleth herself!

(And, she was on sale!!)