We recently indulged in the jazz brunch buffet at a stylish New Orleans French Quarter courtyard restaurant.  The buffet at this particular establishment makes Shoney’s buffet look like a second-rate soup kitchen.

Strategically posted on trees here and there throughout the courtyard are signs admonishing patrons “Please do not feed the birds.”  “The birds,” of course, refers to numerous sparrows and pigeons who hang out in the courtyard hoping some patron will disregard the sign.

But I got to get a video clip of this enterprising pigeon who took matters into his own hand . . . or, er, maybe his own beak.  After one of the waiters cleared a table of leftovers, before the bus boy came to remove the dirty plates, this pigeon declared carpe diem.  He apparently didn’t notice the signs, or perhaps he simply couldn’t read, in which case ignorance is obviously bliss.  He seemed partial to the left-over grits on one of the plates, in case anyone wonders what he is eating.