Ann is the middle one, sixth from the right or sixth from the left.

We visited the Chapel in the Oaks in Baton Rouge today to attend daughter Ann’s commissioning service and a luncheon after for students and parents involved in the China summer trip.  The LSU  students will go to China as cultural ambassadors to help Chinese students learn English and to cultivate personal relationships.  In  this pic from the ceremony, count six from the left or six from the right–Ann is smack in the middle.

Sarah and I enjoyed the question/answer session after the luncheon where the leaders explained what our kids (and we) could expect.  We were greatly encouraged and left more excited about this opportunity for Ann than we were before (and we were already excited!).  The organization, the experience, the quality of the leadership–If you’ve got to send your kid halfway around the world to a foreign culture, this is the kind of situation you’d look for.

We’re particularly encouraged that we’ll be able to communicate with her with apparent ease.  I never realized, for instance, that a gmail account (like the one I have) includes the feature of live, synchronous audio-video conferencing.  We’ll be able to video-chat free of charge from one side of the Earth to the other.  Ah, the marvels of technology!

When this venture first became known late last fall, it seemed so distant.  Today I looked at the calendar and noticed we’re not talking about next semester or next spring: We’re down to “next month.”  The kids fly from New Orleans to Newark on May 20, followed by a 15 hour non-stop hop to Hong Kong.  How well that they’re young–I don’t know if I could stand such a sojourn without a week or so after to recuperate.