Sadie the Dog ponders her alternatives among the tractor tire tracks of this field ready for planting.

I tend to post on “the flatness of the prairie”  (the southwest Louisiana inland prairie of Acadiana) at least once a year.  They’re good posts.  The expressionless expanse of ground spreading away toward the ends of the earth strikes some as boring, but to me, the scenery is panoramic, suggestive of God’s infinity, and anything but featureless.

“Flatness” after all is a feature!  And our South Louisiana flatness includes other features, such as distant tree lines and fields groomed for  production.

So I tender this season’s “flatness of the prairie” entry, this one starring Sadie the dog, who enjoyed romping about this ploughed ground earlier in the week as she accompanied me on one of my workouts.  Here, Sadie seems contemplative, perhaps even philosophical to the extent that dogs are philosophical.  Perhaps she was considering the scope and depth of infinity?  Or maybe she was just sniffing the breeze after detecting the scent of a mouse’s doo-doo in the tall grass along the edge of the field 50 yards away?

With Sadie the Dog, one cannot tell.  She’s just a dog.  All I could tell is that she was happy with the open spaces and the interminable flatness of the land.  I was pretty happy, too.

Levees around the field suggest this ground will be flooded for rice production, but nothing’s been planted yet.  We were happy that the ground was dry this afternoon, because the slightest moisture would have turned the ashen dust to gumbo mud.