Payton admires the rainbow stretching across the Cajun Prairie in Acadia Parish.

My readers know I love the prairie and its here-to-horizon panorama.   This scene from central Acadia Parish, where Payton Elizabeth lives, was recently blessed by the appearance of a rainbow.

In the shot, my 2 year old granddaughter seems to ponder the magnificence of God’s grand symbol of hope. Does she understand rainbows?

Probably not.

I”m not even sure I understand.  But I do admire the flatness of the prairie, and I do treasure Payton Elizabeth, and I do hold fast to God’s  hope.  How sweet that the photo of an innocent two-year old leads to assurance!

Thanks, Heavenly Father, for rainbows, and for the flatness of the prairie, and for a grandchild who thinks Papa and Honey can do no wrong.