The room grows sadder by the moment as students turn in their work and depart.

I’ll miss my 11:00 MWF class from this semester that ended this morning.  As students finished their final assignment and the room emptied one by one, a pleasing wave of teacherly sentiment swept across the memory of the months since January when we first met. 

Teachers, perhaps moreso than others, understand how a gathering of rank strangers at the beginning of a term forges a group identity, or “groupanality,” over the course of their common ordeal.  This group’s “groupanlity” blossomed quickly.   Before mid-term, they were already endearing.  Although they weren’t collectively an astonishingly brilliant group in scholarly terms, they were bright, earnest in attacking their assignments, game enough to take risks, and as a result, easy to teach (and like).  

As I told them this morning in my farewell message, by far the best three hours out of my workday weeks since January were the MWF 11:00’s we shared together in M108.  

So here’s to a moment of reflection and nostalgia: To SP2010 ENGL1002.09, may you stay out of trouble, may you seek God above all, and may God bless you along your journey!