I’m less and less impressed with BP’s performance on the GOM disaster.  I’m not going to call it an oil spill any longer, because it’s turned into an “oil spilling” in the most urgent present participial sense.

How dare they suggest "Beyond Petroleum!"

Several posts ago, I explored possible acronyms for “BP” and came up with a few.  Now that the saga goes on, what are some other possible meanings of “BP?”

“Beyond Proof”–No way anyone can sue BP, because they’re slimy weasels!

“Beyond Price”–Who knows what this is going to cost?

“Beyond Pollution”–This event has the potential to redefine pollution.

“Beyond Pleasing”–since the event is so disgusting.

“Beyond Pretense”–since BP is pretending this disaster is someone else’s fault.

“Beyond Profit”–especially for the local Gulf economies of fishing and tourism

“Beyond Puzzling”–When/how will this nightmare end?

“Beyond Parallel”–Who’s ever seen a mess like this?

“Beyond Patience”–Describing my present demeanor in regard to this disaster.

Other suggestions, dear reader of this blog?