I posted this email message to family and friends five years ago on May 20, the day before my father-in-law Tommy Morris departed this earth for a fairer land.  I wonder what part of our nature reminds us to commemorate our loved ones’ memory by recalling the season of their passing.  Anyway, here’s that day’s story:

We spent the day at the Morris’s after they brought him home from the doctor–diagnosis, renal failure; prognosis–terminal.  It was amazing how quickly he was going down–he was fully ambulatory when he went to the hospital, and even right after he got home about midday, but by 4 or 5 he had gotten so weak that Sarah’s brother had to practically carry him back to his recliner from the bathroom–he was so weak he couldn’t put one foot in front of the other.  But as God’s grace would have it, and as an answer to a family prayer meeting, by 8 or 9 he had regained considerably, both in physical strength and cognitive coherence.  He ate most of a baked potato without getting nauseated (the only thing he’s eaten all day), was getting by without any pain medication (amazing!), and when the pastor and his wife called a little after nine, he shot up out of his chair with the same energy and enthusiasm to receive the company the same as he would have six months ago.  I started to steady him when I saw him rise out of his chair, afraid he would fall, but I realized right away that he didn’t need any assistance–It really was a “sign and wonder,” considering how weak (and incoherent) he had been a few hours earlier.

We just left a while ago.  Sarah’s brother is going to spend the night just in case, but I’m sure not concerned like I was this afternoon–It really looked like the end was within hours.  We got a little divine reassurance for sure, and we pray for him a good night’s rest and much more beyond that.