Mom and daughter gaze across the expanse of Old Man River on our last evening together before Ann's striking out for the Orient.

As of posting, we’re still waiting for word from daughter Ann that she arrived safe and sound in Guangzhou, China, after flying over the North Pole from New Jersey to get there.   We have faith that all is well, the lack of communication notwithstanding.

The picture of mom and daughter I took our last evening together in Baton Rouge, looking westward across the Mississippi River as sun set, is one I’ll covet.  They looked past our home (Eunice, 80 miles or so that direction); past the US West Coast Pacific Coast; and toward the direction of  Ann’s destiny, China, on the following day.

In a sense, “sun set” was a bad metaphor.  “Sunrise” on the dawning adventure would have been so much more exciting.

But “sunset” was appropriate that evening. Because what happens at sun set?

We rest from our day’s work.  And on this Sunday  we rested from months of preparation and planning, knowing that the bags were packed, and on the morning after the night of rest, we would set the plan in motion.

And so we did.  More to come on this subject in the weeks that follow . . .