No, I will not be “Harry Humble” after the LSU Eunice Bengals bowled over UConn-Avery Point this afternoon for the NJCAA Division II baseball national championship.  I predicted this date about a year ago.  Here’s an excerpt from my May 28, 2009 post, after the Bengals were sent home after elimination in the 2009 Series:

” . . . this team will be back next year.  (Remember: all of the position players are freshmen!).  I’ll predict right now that LSUE will return to the World Series next year, and they’ll be a year older and bigger and stronger, physically as well as mentally.  If they keep their heads screwed on straight, look out, NJCAA Division II!”

Aha, a prophet I am?  Not really.  I believe those guys were good enough to win last year.  The ball just didn’t bouncetheir way.  This year, they simply took care of business.  I was especially proud of the way they rebounded after losing that 11-1 aberration to Western Oklahoma.  It was really funny that they won five games by lopsided scores but had  one uncharacteristic loss by an equally lop-sided score.  I suppose that loss was in the cards just to add some drama.  🙂

Super job, Bengals.  We R proud of U!