Last fall and winter when the Saints were chasing Super Bowl destiny, I declared Saints former QB-turned-radio-personality Bobby Hebert as the official State Cheerleader.  On the New Orleans WWL talk shows every afternoon and often on weekends, the Cajun ex-Saint from Bayou Lafourche waxed eloquent as the emotional prophet and encourager of our best hopes.

Billy Nungesser in the forefront (literally and symbolically)

This spring, a new state cheerleader has emerged.   The personality that’s zoomed to the forefront in the BP oil disaster is the President of Plaquemines Parish, Billy Nungesser.  Billy’s shown the fiery pathos that’s gone over well not only in South Louisiana where I live, but apparently nationwide.  The conservative Louisiana Republican has been a regular buddy-buddy with left-leaning Anderson Cooper, appearing almost nightly Anderson’s CNN  prime time show, as well as appearing  frequently on all the major networks.

That fire-in-the-belly, non-nonsense “call-BP-what-they-are” demeanor  is what a lot of us were looking for in our national politicians’ reactions early on.   What a shame that Billy doesn’t have the authority of the higher-ups: We’d be miles ahead of where we are in dealing with this mess.

All the pix I found of Billy online include Governor Jindal, but I think that’s mainly because Jindal knows Nungesser’s a popular dude to hang out with, politically (Jindal is a politician, no doubt!).

So here’s to Billy Nungesser–Thanks for standing up for all of us!