When the temp outside registers 99 on the Camry’s onboard sensor and the Weather Channel iphone app shows the apparent temperature is 106, does

Even when Sarah's hot after a workout, she looks cool . . . or vice versa? I wish the same were true for me--I always look (and smell) disgusting.

the hardy jogger take the day off to avoid the heat?

Not hardly.

Serious runners/fitness freaks go for broke, the heat and humidity notwithstanding.  And they sweat . . . profusely.   At the end of their runs they peel off their wretched, sweat-soaked garments and throw them into the washer.  This time of year, in fact, the peak of the sweaty season, the volume that goes through the laundry room is three-fold compared to winter.

Tonight when Sarah complained after her jog that she must have sweat bucketfuls, I encouraged her:  “No ‘sweat’ (no pun intended)–Sweat is the fragrance of fitness!”

She was so captivated by the sensory alliteration that she posted my remark on Facebook.    On that basis, I figured “fragrance of fitness” is worth blogging!