Ann, the pilgrim in a foreign land.

Ann left on May 21, she returns on July 20: We’re right about mid-way through the trip to China.  Her mom and I (and her brother and sister-in-law) enjoy the occasional video conferences, Facebook updates, and emails.  Although she’s halfway around the world, we have meaningful contact through the marvels of technology, for which we are grateful.

While she continues to thrive on the work she and her LSU student fellows are doing, we sense from our conversations that coming home to the good ol’ USA in about a month will be a happy occasion.  Not that she’s not happy or fulfilled at present: She truly is.  But from the hole-in-the-ground public bathrooms to the sun-less polluted skies to the overcrowded masses of humanity, I get the sense that she will have a new sense of appreciation for her American homeland.

Still, a highlight of her trip seems to be the occasion for friendship with Chinese students.   Ann noted early on how “sweet” her Chinese friends are and how eager they are for association with the American students.  Based on the photos we’ve seen, at every turn, the young people who have their own “universal language” seem to be having fun.

Some kind of game--and apparently much fun.