Mama and Daddy pose on the lakefront at Mandeville after we began the day with breakfast at Louie and the Red Headed Lady's restaurant..

We had a memorable gathering of family today to acknowledge Mama’s and Daddy’s 67 years of putting up with one another.  I remember their 50th celebration seemed so impressive, never imagining we’d return year after year for another 17 years.

There’s some sadness in the day, since Daddy’s lost the command of situations like he had, say for the 50th, when he orchestrated the celebration as the master of ceremonies.  Today he sat quietly by for the most part, handicapped by the after-effects of a stroke some years ago.  He  wasn’t “in charge” the way he used to be in similar situations.  Yet nonetheless, he had a good time, and so did Mama.  What Mama doesn’t enjoy all of her kids returning home?

So this post commemorates this day–a good day in the life of Nathan and Helen, the good folks who raised us and gave us the best that they had! (Which turned out to be pretty darned good!)

Boiled crabs and po' boys for lunch: A Traditional New Orleans-Style Menu

A highlight for 88 year old Daddy was visiting with his 90 year old sister.