Ann (far left) poses with her LSU student buddies on the China trip.

We videoconferenced with Ann in China Sunday night.  She was hanging out with her American friends at a Chinese Starbucks (free wifi in China, too!).

All seems to be going well, but I think also that she’ll be happy on July 20 to board that jet in Tokyo bound west for the good ol’ USA.  I didn’t detect at all that she was homesick, but at the same time, I sensed that she’s ready for a homecoming when the time comes.

She has one more BIG adventure–the mountain hiking trip in Western China.  She leaves where she is Sunday (July 4) for a two hour flight, followed by a long train ride and a bus ride to boot, to be deposited in some remote mountainous spot with three other LSU students with a GPS device to fend for themselves for the next week on the wilderness backpacking adventure.  Maybe “wilderness” is too strong a word, but not for a parent whose daughter is half a world away!  Chinese Pepsi?

While we’re worried sick, I have to admit: Had I such a chance when I was one and twenty, I’d have been just as half a world away.  Maybe even more!