A tropical wrap with sweet potato fries and dark coffee from a Saints mug: The breakfast of champions!

This Saturday morning for breakfast, when the customary oatmeal just didn’t appeal and my survey of Tupperware containers in the  refrigerator offered little hope, I spotted yesterday’s left-over lunch, a Caribbean wrap stuffed with spicy chicken breast, dried cranberries, walnuts, mangoes, and  other tropical goodies: a really healthy sandwich, no matter that it wasn’t bacon and eggs or pancakes or some other conventional breakfast dish.   When no answer as to “Why not” returned, then I knew I had found breakfast.  So I pulled out the platter and stuck it in the microwave.

A tasty and nutritious breakfast it made, along with the sweet potato fries and a cup of stout, dark roast Louisiana coffee drunk from my favorite Saints mug.  I took the fixings out on the patio to enjoy the freshness of the morning, which abetted the savor of the food.

In conclusion, here’s to the unconventional for breakfast!   Maybe next Saturday, I’ll try tacos.  Or potato soup.  Or smothered okra.  We’ll just see what’s in the fridge along about then and make a decision on the spot.

What I realize now is that I’m liberated from convention: Breakfast does not have to consist of bacon, eggs, pancakes, or cereal.  🙂